Postcard from Lebanon #4

6 July 2021

Dear Readers

Syrian refugees in Lebanon are going through very difficult days.

They ask themselves and wonder how long the journey of torment will continue and how far the tragedy can grow.
Lebanon suffers these days from a comprehensive economic collapse, the effects of which are beginning to appear publicly, as the country has become lacking in the most basic necessities of life: there is no medicine, no fuel, no electricity, and no water in most cases.

In addition to an extreme rise in house rents and food prices, which were cut off in some of the regions and in light of these conditions, the Syrian refugees have come under tremendous pressure so that they cannot continue to live, and most of them would gladly wish to die.

They are completely losing hope for a bright future after more than 10 years have passed since the start of the war in Syria without anything changing for the better in these years. Year after year, and day after day, the torment and homelessness increase. How long will this situation continue for, and is it possible for a bright day to come and shine on this dark page of life?

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