The sculpture

A reflection on a maquette of ‘Pity of War’ by Dr Johan van Parys
Director of Liturgy and Sacred Arts Liturgy, Basilica of Saint Mary, Minneapolis, USA

The concept behind the monument

‘The Pity of War’ concept has evolved since the creation of an art work made to give recognition and invoke contemplation over the many lives lost due to war.  The art work shows a very poignant and moving iconic image representing the civilian victims of war.  The monument design and creation is by the sculptor, Peter Walker. The artist has chosen to portray the pity of war through the removal and abstraction of features, representing this symbolically through the simplistic portrait of a young child, eyes bound and mouth silenced (see the photograph of a maquette, or miniature model, above).  The sculpture will stand as recognition of unspoken stories and unseen memories that are so often unacknowledged and under-represented.

The monument will be bronze and will be approximately 2m high, set on a plain rectangular stone plinth approximately 30cm tall.

Models on display

Maquettes (small models) in bronze are, or soon will be, at the following locations—those with asterisks will be receiving their maquettes in November.
We will upload pictures when available.

  • British Embassy, Dubai
  • British Embassy, Paris *
  • Chester Cathedral 
  • Liverpool Cathedral*
  • Sheffield Cathedral*
  • University Church, Oxford
  • The City of Limburg an der Lahn, Germany (details t.b.c.)
  • Basilica of Saint Mary, Minnesota, USA