Postcard from Lebanon #5

Dear Readers
Today, I will tell you the tragic reality of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon, and perhaps this message will be the last chapter of the story
Syrian refugees in Lebanon are living in these difficult days in light of excessive forgetfulness and marginalization, especially due to the difficult conditions that the world is going through in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.
As the economic and social conditions in Lebanon have completely collapsed, without any special care or assistance that can heal the deteriorating reality of Lebanon.
I don’t know what to tell you, but I can tell you my own story, which I find cruel to us as human beings, and ask myself what we have done to be subjected to this psychological torment. My family and I were living in the hope that we would move to live in the UK with my mum, dad and little brother, but unfortunately we were refused travel by the UNHCR who should have helped us reunite with our family but without mercy our dreams were all shattered. My family and I are living in a state of psychological loss, as we cannot return to Syria under the current circumstances; we cannot live in Lebanon, and we cannot go to another country because of the high expenses.
Dear readers, this is a model of the loss that the Syrian refugees suffer from, after more than ten years of war and displacement. It has prevented us from even dreaming. We ask that you pray for us and hopefully there will be light at the end of the tunnel.
Thank you for reading💐

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